Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance


It never fails — you’re almost to your appointment when you run out of gas or get a flat tire. Roadside assistance can help you out in both situations. You might even have the service already, free of charge. Covered by your insurance.


Roadside assistance coverage helps drivers when they can’t get their car back on the road or are having problems with their car. Whether you lost the car key, ran out of gas or need your car towed, having a roadside assistance plan can get you out of more than one emergency situation.


Do you need roadside assistance coverage?

Whether you want to buy a roadside assistance plan is a personal choice. If you only drive short distances or have coverage automatically through your car manufacturer or credit card company, you might not want to spring for the extra protection. And if you barely use roadside assistance, then you might be comfortable paying out of pocket on those rare occasions.

Still, depending on your situation, an emergency road service plan can help ease anxiety and save you money in the long run. It might be worth it if you:

  • Have an upcoming road trip.

  • Want the additional benefits a membership organization offers.

  • Have a long commute.

  • Have an older car.

  • Prefer the convenience of having coverage.

  • Aren’t familiar with service garages or car mechanics.

Roadside assistance and breakdown coverage are services that assist motorists, or bicyclists, whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the operator stranded.


What does roadside assistance cover?

Roadside services vary depending on the company, but often include:

With a roadside assistance plan, you typically pay a monthly or annual fee for coverage. Then, when you need help, you can get services at no extra charge or at a discount.

Another option is to pay per incident for roadside coverage. Instead of paying every month whether you use the service or not, you can pay when (and if) you need help.


Where to get roadside assistance

If you want to buy a roadside assistance plan, think carefully about where you want to purchase it. We’ve detailed several options below to help you determine what method is best for you.